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Here's what previous youth and young adult participants have to say about TEC...

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"My TEC weekend has turned my life around, and I’ve done a complete 180’.
I went from a life which was spiraling out of control and down a path of darkness to a bright and sunny path filled with the joy of Christ."


"I can’t thank God enough for the relationships and experiences (big and small) that I have had as a result of the TEC Community I’m active with. Don’t pass up this opportunity, you won’t regret it."


"It is so refreshing to find other people my age with the same values I have and with the same struggles that the world brings me. I feel like we understand each other."

Mary Jo

"TEC is a wonderful blessing in the Church. It allows the young people to find Christ and keep him in the center of their life while in transition through good times, tough times, and confusing times."


"TEC, just like anything else, is something that can benefit anyone if you give it a chance. Everyone finds something that they like about TEC. For me, it was the peace and love I found in the people I shared this experience with."


"TEC opened up a door in my life that I am so thankful for. I found a home, a community, and friends that support me. The relationships that I found have been invaluable. I am so thankful for my TEC experience."


"Before TEC I was angry with my life, family, friends, and my faith. In TEC, I turned my life around and it gave me purpose. It gave my life peace and love that I try to share with everyone. TEC changed my life."


"This retreat was much more than a retreat. I met many new friends at my TEC. Experiencing this retreat allowed me to be more excited about my faith. I would participate if you get the opportunity."


"Going on my TEC weekend I was a Baptist. I had been asking questions about the Catholic faith. A friend told me about TEC and I went on the weekend. The rest is history, I’ve been a Catholic now for about 1 year and TEC played a big part in my decision. I couldn’t ask for a better community of love. Wisdom will feed you with the bread of understanding. Sirach 15:3"


"TEC has helped me grow in my spiritual life and given me the opportunity to help others in theirs. Through TEC, I have grown as a young Catholic, built strong, healthy relationships, and been introduced to a supportive community that is always with me in prayer."


"No matter what brings you to TEC, whether family or friends, or just to get out of the house, if you give TEC a chance it will change your life. TEC is more than just another retreat; it is a chance to take your faith into your own hands. You will get out of it what you put into it."


"TEC really opened my eyes to the great love God has for me. Before TEC I was confused and really didn’t understand who God was. After the weekend, my faith has really opened up and now I’m active in my parish and youth group."


"TEC formed me into who I am today. It has given me a wonderful "family" that I can always count on every time I need them and has provided me with the strength to be a practicing, faithful Catholic in today's society."


"I made life long friends through TEC. Being able to be apart of such a large "family" has helped me grow in my faith and has also helped me know that there are people that I can reach out too if I need help."


"TEC not only provides a wonderful weekend-long retreat experience, but it gives the community necessary to build on the foundation of Faith. The people that I meet through TEC quickly become close friends, and help me along on my spiritual journey, continually bringing me closer to Christ."


"TEC has opened doors in my life that I honestly never would have imagined opening with out the help of the Holy Spirit. I find myself surrounded by God and loved by wonderful people who help me become closer to God. TEC changed my life in so many ways and is still continuing to change me."


"When I was 16 I had no idea what it meant to have Christ at the center of my life. I had no fire for my faith. I didn't know what true friendship really was. Through TEC and my TEC friendships; a fire was lit in my heart that has been lighting my way to Christ ever since. It scares me to think what my relationship with God, Jesus, and Mary would be like if I hadn't gone on TEC and continued to serve the TEC movement."

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May 25, 2024, 9:30 AM – May 27, 2024, 4:30 PM
Cursillos de Cristiandad,
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